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James Kingston’s windy crane climb is the scariest thing you’ll see today

Published: 17/Aug/2020 14:12

by Matt Porter


YouTuber James Kingston has set hearts racing after uploading a video of him free-climbing on a crane in Munich, and it is guaranteed to be the scariest thing you watch today. 

One of the greatest things about YouTube is the ability to watch almost anything you could ever imagine, allowing viewers to flick through things that they couldn’t otherwise down from the perspective of the creative, talented, and oftentimes brave content producers who regularly upload to the platform.


Of course, while some of these things are adventures of opportunities many would love to to get a chance to do, we’re not quite sure if everyone would enjoy the mindblowing escapade that James Kingston uploaded to his channel on August 15.

Filmed back in 2013, when the Brit was at the height of his free-climbing and parkour days, it was one lovely morning in Munich. Kingston decided to get a better vantage spot of the beautiful German city by going for a leisurely climb, on top of a crane.



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Anyone who’s seen Kingston in action before are well aware that he holds no fear for heights, and started an association with FaZe Clan back in 2017 when he decided to scale their $10 million mansion. He’s taken his skills all over the world, climbing the arch at Wembley Stadium in London, a battleship, and even hung onto a crane in Los Angeles with one hand.

So, while climbing a crane in Munich doesn’t sound like something out of the normal for Kingston, it doesn’t make it any less terrifying to watch in the eight-minute uncut footage he uploaded to YouTube, taken from a visit to the Bavarian city seven years ago.

In the video, he can be seen climbing up the ladder and into the cockpit of the vehicle, before making his way outside and actually walking across the long metal arm that hangs out to lift items, walking carefully across the slim frame while the wind blows around him.


From a POV perspective, you can see how small the area he has to walk on is, but even crazier is how you can see how far off the ground he is, well above multiple story buildings. You can watch the full video, and give yourself crippling anxiety, below.

Of course, the YouTuber managed to make it down without plummeting onto the Munich concrete, but it definitely doesn’t make watching the video any less nerve-wracking, especially when he looks down and shows you the drop below.

In 2019, he announced that he announced that he would no longer upload climbing clips due to YouTube demonetizing his videos. Yet, he delighted fans in July 2020 when he confirmed they would be returning to his channel, and is currently releasing footage from climbs he made in the past.


Why TikTok is in meltdown over a woman’s $300 Balloon mosaic

Published: 20/Oct/2020 13:08

by Alice Hearing


TikTokers are bursting with outrage after a balloon artist claimed she would charge $300 for a custom made balloon mosaic. The video and many responses to it are now going viral all across social media.

Creators on TikTok can be canceled for almost anything and fans can be brutal with their criticism. But, rather than enraging viewers for a political viewpoint or insensitive post, Kelsey Onstott is the subject of hate for charging “too much” money for her balloon art.


The video in question shows Kelsey creating a custom color 5ft balloon mosaic, in which she voices over the video saying “I’ve received a lot of really weird comments about my pricing in general but especially the balloon mosaics.

“Someone commented and said that takes less than 30 minutes to make and you can get balloons from Party City for $5 and that’s just simply not true. So if anyone out there sees this and thinks they can replicate this with Party City balloons and do it in less than 30 minutes then duet me because I’d love to see it.”

Balloon Mosaic that_balloon_girl
Instagram: that_balloon_girl
Kelsey runs her own business making balloon decorations

People popped off in the comments. One of the top comments on the video read, “300?!? It better play music.” Someone else wrote, “For $300 it better walk and sing.” Another person added “I literally liked it then unliked it…$300 chill. Maybe you can’t do it in less than 30 minutes but most definitely less than $100.”

@that_balloon_girlCustom color 5ft balloon mosaic $300 – if you can go to party city and spend $5 on balloons and replicate this please duet me- thanks ##fyp♬ Taste It – Ikson

But, others defended Kelsey’s work. TikToker Demi Skipper (Trademeproject) wrote “I think it’s beautiful! People shouldn’t hate on other people’s work or pricing, If she has customers at that price – then you go girl.”

The drama wasn’t just confined to the comments as Tiktokers who thought Kelsey was full of hot air accepted the challenge. User @sarahs.everyday.living posted a TikTok of her making a similar balloon mosaic for under $50. Her response has had more than 8 million views and drove the conversation to new heights, with some bigger TikTok stars weighing in such as Indiana and Jena Frumes.

@sarahs.everyday.livingGiant balloon letter for under $50! ##fyp ##balloons ##diy ##balloonletters ##thatballoongirl ##birthday ##amazon ##foryourpage♬ original sound – sarah.everyday.livin

User @sugarhaddy posted a duet with Kelsey, amassing more than 13 million views and said while she doesn’t think it’s wrong to charge $300, “it’s wrong to challenge people without explaining your process if your customers have questions on why it costs so much.”

@sugarhaddy##duet with @that_balloon_girl I’m gonna make one of these for my birthday just for fun and to see if I can take on this challenge 😊♬ Taste It – Ikson

However, some duetted the video defending the artist. TikToker Heartthrobrobert thought people had inflated the issue, saying: “You’re all kids with no money of course you think that.

@heartthrobert##duet with @that_balloon_girl WHO EVEN HAS THE TIME MY GOD $300 is a steal mama♬ Taste It – Ikson

“Do you think these rich people want to spend their entire day getting balloons and blowing them up and putting them in a letter that’s just one decoration of dozens at their event? You can do it because you have all the time, you guys just jerk off all day so this seems like nothing. Get a grip!”


Kelsey’s original video has 17 million views at the time of writing, and while she is yet to make a statement on the matter, she has shared several of the arguments other people have made on her Instagram.