James Charles gives surprising response to claims of photoshopping his pictures

. 3 years ago
James Charles, Instagram

Popular YouTuber and makeup guru James Charles is hitting back at angry fans, once again – this time, for allegedly photoshopping his Instagram pictures.

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Charles went under fire on March 19, after fans came out en masse on Twitter to criticize the YouTuber for photoshopping one of his makeup looks, which was posted to Instagram on March 7.

Many fans noted that he had appeared to copy and flip one eye to the other side of his face, resulting in a seemingly perfect mirror image – noted by the colorful stars painted on his eyelids.

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“I had to unfollow,” one former fan and fellow makeup artist wrote. “I’m out here trying my HARDEST to have a name in this industry… and James out here mirrored his one eye to another.”

“To be fair, if any of us smaller influencers did that, we would get so much backlash,”said another. “If we smooth our pics too much we get hate, but why is it okay for him to photoshop a whole eye?”

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James Charles had a surprising response to the allegations, openly admitting to photoshopping the image and claiming that he does so with all his photos.

“Lmao I photoshop all of my photos,” Charles replied. “It didn’t photograph the way I wanted it to, so I flipped one eye to the other. Still looked amazing in person.”

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This isn’t the first time Charles has received criticism for his practices, either; the YouTuber also came under fire for placing seven ads within a 24-minute-long video, to which he responded by taking responsibility for helping mass media recognize the importance of online influencers.

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