James Charles falls for the oldest trick in the book during Minecraft Twitch stream

James Charles, YouTube / Freepik

While massively popular makeup mogul James Charles might be known for his huge audience on YouTube, he has since begun a new career on Twitch, even collaborating with names like Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg – but he’s still a greenhorn to computer mechanics, as evidenced by his hilarious Minecraft stream in early July.

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James Charles has made no secret that he’s a fan of Minecraft, following his participation in KEEMSTAR’s Minecraft Monday series with PewDiePie – but he’s not a huge fan of getting trolled by the Twitch chat, after being spammed with emotes during his very first broadcast on the platform.

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However, this time, Charles wasn’t busy banning the word “eggers:” instead, the YouTube star was duped by one of the oldest internet pranks in the book.

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James Charles, InstagramJames Charles is becoming a dual-platform internet sensation, following his massive success on YouTube – where he has over 15 million subscribers.

Charles was in the middle of a Minecraft stream on July 6 when trolls in his chat asked him to press the Alt and F4 keys simultaneously, which his assistant quoted aloud.

For those uninitiated in this classic prank, the Alt and F4 keys (when pressed at the same time) close the current window: for instance, if someone is playing a video game, pressing Alt + F4 would immediately close the game.

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FreepikThe Alt + F4 trick caught James Charles by surprise – leading to a hilarious reaction from the newbie streamer.
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However, Charles wasn’t privy to this fact, and went along with the chat’s practical joke – ultimately closing the window and inciting a good-natured laugh from the YouTuber.

“Oh my god, you’ve got to be kidding me!” Charles laughingly exclaimed, falling back in his chair. “Okay, fuck whoever just did that, that is not funny!”

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This wouldn’t be the first time Charles has been overwhelmed by his chat, either: the beauty YouTuber’s very first broadcast on the platform saw him quit his performance mid-stream, after his chat was spammed with streamer Mizkif’s “eggers” emote and phallic-shaped ASCII art messages.

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While Charles has since made a positive comeback to the platform, he’s still a favorite face for troll harassment, despite his moderators’ best efforts – a fact that he seems to be taking in stride, following his rocky start to streaming.