Jake Paul Makes it Clear You Won’t be Able to Watch Free Streams of the KSI vs Logan Fight

Jake Paul / YouTube

Jake Paul has made it clear that people wanting to watch the KSI versus Logan Paul fight on August 25 will not be able to find a free stream.

The stream for the highly anticipated boxing event, which will include Jake Paul taking on KSI’s younger brother, Deji, in the co-main event, was recently revealed to be pay-per-view only, much to the disappointment of many fans.

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At the end of his most recent video, “A FACE TO FACE DISCUSSION WITH WEDGIE.. (EXTREME CRINGE ALERT)”, Jake has addressed those concerns, saying:

“Guys… it’s eight dollars, it’s a cup of coffee, okay? It’s gonna be super exciting, it’s so worth it, like, eight dollars. We wanted to make it supper affordable,”

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The younger Paul brother went on to say that all of the people promising to re-stream the event for free, illegally, will be shut down.

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According to Jake, there will be hundreds of Google and YouTube employees dedicated to making sure that this is the case, meaning the $8 mainstream will be the only option.

“I know a lot of people were talking about how they’re gonna just like stream it, or try to watch it for free somewhere else. You’re not going to be able to do that,

“There’s literally going to be hundreds of Google and YouTube employees on the day of the fight that are stripping down any livestream on any platform of people trying to stream it for free,”

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After the initial backlash, KSI also explained that the “cost of the event itself is on another level to last time” and that the decision to make it PPV was because “we want to make this as big an experience as possible for everyone watching”.

Logan Paul versus KSI and Jake Paul versus Deji will take place on August 25 at the Manchester Arena, England. Even with the news that it will be pay-per-view, it is expected to be one of the biggest events in the history of YouTube.

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You can purchase the pay-per-view here.