Jake Paul has surprising response to KSI’s Lil Wayne shade

KSI and Jake Paul side by sideYouTube: Jake Paul/KSI

Social media star Jake Paul responded to KSI’s taunting of him after the British YouTuber linked up with Jake’s idol Lil Wayne for a track, but it wasn’t the spicy response some might expect. 

For years, KSI and the Paul brothers have been going back and forth in online arguments. He and Logan have even gotten into the boxing ring and settled the beef for good.

However, when it comes to him and Paul, the two social media stars won’t give an inch. They’ve called each other to fight and they continue the shade over a number of different things.

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Most recently, after KSI linked up with Lil Wayne for a new song, he used as it chance to get one over on Jake, seeing as the YouTuber cites the rapper as one of his idols.

Jake Paul KSIInstagram: Jake Paul. TikTok: KSI
KSI mocking the pose Paul makes in a post listing his accomplishments

The British YouTuber dropped a TikTok, mocking Jake’s attempt at the ‘Sheesh’ pose before asking “got any more idols mate?” and saying that Jake will never make a song with them as he has.

While some fans might have expected the former Vine star to fire back with some mega shade of his own, that hasn’t quite been the case.

Instead, he took the high road and congratulated his long-time rival. “Damn, congrats, this is actually insane. You’ve been killing it with your music,” he said. “You’re showing the world that ‘YouTubers’ can accomplish anything. No hate. Keep it up.”

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Some fans immediately suggested that Jake must be “plotting something” if he didn’t fire back with some crazy diss. “Something ain’t right I can feel it,” said one. “Never thought I’d see this side of Jake.” added another.

We’ll just have to wait and see if he does have anything planned or if preparations for his upcoming fight with Tyron Woodley prevent anything crazy.