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Jake Paul calls out Dana White for his comments on Logan Paul wanting to fight in the UFC

Published: 5/Oct/2018 22:03 Updated: 5/Oct/2018 22:06

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber Jake Paul has given his two cents on Logan Paul’s beef with UFC president Dana White, who stated that the YouTuber would “get murdered” in the octagon.

Jake expressed solidarity for his brother, claiming that White was “thinking small” in regards to his decision on the matter during an interview with press outside of a Craig’s restaurant.


“One hundred thousand percent,” Jake said in response to a reporter’s question asking if he felt he or his brother could hold their own in the UFC. “Dana White is thinking small… we had a million people watching our first fight. …The UFC doesn’t even get that unless it’s Conor McGregor.”

He then went on to address White directly, implying that Dana was a man about his money and would easily turn a profit if Logan made his debut with the organization.


“You might watch this Dana,” he said, pointing toward the camera. “You’re thinking small. I know you’re about the money. Let my brother fight.”


He likewise felt that Dana – and UFC fighters, in general – are making an attempt to protect the integrity of the UFC by denying the Pauls a chance to fight.

“I think he’s trying to protect his sport of UFC,” he attested. “I think other UFC fighters think that social media is a joke.”


Jake made sure to cite his brother’s athleticism and history in sports to prove his point. Logan Paul has a noted background in high school wrestling, and his skill has been noted by the likes of MMA fighter and comedian Brendan Schaub, among others.

While White’s comments could point to a definite barrier in regards to the Pauls’ involvement in the UFC, the brothers aren’t going down without a fight – literally.