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Jake Paul admits to kissing mystery celebrity during awkward game of ‘never have I ever’

Published: 20/Jan/2019 21:13 Updated: 20/Jan/2019 22:17

by Virginia Glaze


Controversial YouTuber Jake Paul may have let slip some sensitive information during a game of ‘never have I ever,’ during which he revealed that he’d gotten cozy with a certain celebrity in the past.

Paul uploaded a video on January 20 where he played a game of ‘never have I ever’ with his mother, Pamela Stepnick. During the course of the game, one question asked was, ‘Never have I ever kissed a celebrity’ – to which Paul had a surprising answer.

“I’ve kissed a celebrity,” Paul admitted – although he wouldn’t name the celeb in question. “That’s too much tea for his video,” he continued. “I don’t think I can say it.”

He went on to whisper the star’s name in his mother’s ear, which incited a hilarious reaction from both parties. Pamela threw a slip of paper up into the air in surprise with her mouth agape, while Paul gave an incredulous laugh.

“Don’t say that,” his mother advised.

Jake Paul, InstagramJake Paul admitted to kissing a celebrity – but he wouldn’t say who they were.

While Paul didn’t name the mystery celebrity, he did go on to throw shade toward his ex-girlfriend, Erika Costell, after being asked if he’d ever seen a ghost.

“One time I fell in love with a ghost,” Paul said somberly. “Erika. She vanished from my life.”

This isn’t the first time Paul has taken shots at Costell in January, either; the YouTuber posted a picture to his Instagram story claiming that he didn’t need her as much as he thought he did, to which Costell responded with a subtle subtweet, posting a picture of the definition of ‘insanity.’

Jake Paul threw some not-so-subtle shade toward his ex-girlfriend, Erika Costell, in an Instagram story just ahead of his birthday on January 17.


New TikTok house under fire for “copying” Wave House member reveal

Published: 22/Oct/2020 16:35

by Alice Hearing


A new TikTok house is under fire after fans have accused them of copying Wave House with the way it has gone about launching and revealing its members.

Icon house is a brand new UK-based creator collective and since its launch on Monday, October 19, has garnered a quarter of a million followers on TikTok already. The house’s social media accounts are doing a slow reveal of all the creators, one-by-one.

So far members are known to include former Love Island star Luke Mabbott, Georgia Harrison from The Only Way is Essex, Footballer Elis Watts, and model Josh Ryan. There are allegedly four more creators yet to be revealed.

However, fans have noticed that the choice of reveal bares a very strong resemblance to the Wave House, another UK-based content house which launched in September and has already gathered almost three million followers.

Icon House TikTok content house reveal UK
Instagram: Icon House
The Icon house is slowly revealing its members one-by-one.

The Wave House members, including Kate Elizabeth, Spencer “elmofilms” Elmer and Carmie Sellitto, were unveiled using jewel-encrusted masks in a series of videos staged at their £5 million mansion.

Upset fans hit out at the Icon House on the UK version of TikTok room. One person wrote: “Embarrassing how they didn’t even try to hide the fact they copied the wave house.” Another person added, “literally copying the wave house masks.”

The Icon House was formerly known as My House Ldn and has since rebranded after a scandal. Popular TikToker Kristen Scott, a former member of My House Ldn, accused one member of sending her sexual messages when she was underage. She posted several videos exposing the messages and speaking out about the issue and the old content house has since fallen apart.

Icon house appears to be recruiting reality star influencers, a strong way to quickly gain clout. It remains to be seen if Icon House can truly challenge Wave House as far as followers go.