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Jaclyn Hill hits out at critics mentioning her alleged cult leader dad

Published: 7/Mar/2020 12:02

by Jacob Hale


YouTuber Jaclyn Hill has hit back at critics who have dug into her past and brought up her alleged cult leader father to use against her.

Shortly after responding to outrage over changes she made to her Morphe eyeshadow palette, Hill has found herself under more fire when a video was made addressing the status of her father, who is accused of being a “cult leader.”

Of course, as she is such a huge internet personality, questions were immediately raised over her upbringing and the effect this has had on her – with the creator of the video saying that “at least her pathological lying makes sense now.”


Instagram: jaclynhill
Jaclyn is a make-up and beauty YouTuber with over 5 million subscribers.

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Obviously, Hill wasn’t a fan of this, and immediately called out the creators of the video, CreepShow, saying she hasn’t watched the video but calling the title and thumbnail “disgusting.”

She also asked: “What is wrong with you that you think it’s okay to even speak about my birth father when I haven’t even spoken to him in 10 years?” Jaclyn then told them it was “too far” and to “mind [their] own business,” before tweeting out a more personal message.

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She said: “I understand that people don’t like me, they think I’m a liar, and they feel as though they can’t trust me. I can’t change that. But seriously, it’s gone too far.”


Finally, the beauty YouTuber concluded by saying that “people have taken away all the fun on social media” and that she is “sick of seeing it every day.”

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The tweets were met with mixed responses, with some saying that “no one deserves” the “violation of privacy” she has to go through, while others have claimed that is has come up because she is a “liar” and “refuses to ever take responsibility.”

Hill hasn’t tweeted or posted publicly since the incident on March 4, so it’s possible that since her tweet about the “ugly” side of social media she’s decided to step away from it for now.