Is YouTube down? Users report YouTube login errors on June 2

Video sharing platform YouTube appears to have suffered another major outage on June 2, as users particularly in the East Coast of the United States are reporting errors logging in.

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As the second most visited website in the world, it’s rare for the site to experience big outages, with the last in recent memory back in October 2018.

On June 2nd, at approximately 3pm eastern time, Twitter became inundated with users reporting that they were unable to log in, being met with an error screen, or even an entirely blank YouTube homepage. 

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The outage appeared to be concentrated in the east coast.

Update: New outage map data from Josh Pescatore on Twitter also appears to show major outages in many European countries too.

Drama Alert host and popular YouTuber Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem was among the first to report the outage, with many of his followers confirming the problem.

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Many other prominent YouTubers, many of whom rely on the platform for their income, also confirmed the issues, and were also having problems uploading, even if they were able to log in.

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Update, 3:54 PM EST, June 2: Team YouTube has now confirmed they are investigating problems with YouTube outages, and working on a fix.

Snapchat down too?

Along with reports that YouTube had crashed, users also noticed issues with Snapchat, which seemed to simultaneously begin malfunctioning on June 2.

It’s not clear if the issues are related, but given the timing, it seems likely. It could be an issue with Google servers causing the widespread outage.

We will keep this post updated as more information becomes available.

Last updated June 2, 3:54 PM EST.