IRL streamer Mitch Jones banned from Twitch after showing his racist DM

Mitch Jones, Twitch

Mitch Jones is a popular streamer on Twitch, known for his humorous IRL streams and the shenanigans that occur during his broadcasts – but one of his streams resulted in a quick ban due to racist content.

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While Jones is known across the IRL streaming scene for his outrageous antics and over-the-top interactions with other streamers, one of these interactions saw his channel banned on September 20, after he accidentally leaked his private Discord messages.

Although it’s never a good idea to expose private conversations with persons who might not consent to having their personal business aired out for all to see, Jones’ Discord chat contained a racial slur – a slur that he, himself, had typed out toward another user, which viewers could see for a split second before he closed the window.

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Unsurprisingly, Jones’ account was quickly suspended following the debacle, with searches for his channel on Twitch yielding nothing at the time of writing.

However, those weren’t the only messages leaked during his September 20 stream: the IRL star likewise exposed his Twitter DMs, which showed possible beef between himself and fellow streamer ICE_POSEIDON.

“Thanks for calling me fake after I helped…” a preview for POSEIDON’s message reads, followed by even further potential drama with streamer Mizkif, who wrote, “I don’t even want that exposure anymore.”

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This wouldn’t be Jones’ first ban from Twitch, either: the streamer was also met with a week-long ban from the site after streaming while driving during a June 12 broadcast – a ban that he ultimately agreed with.

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Rather than fighting the ban, Jones claimed that he “completely agreed” with Twitch’s action on the matter and admitted that he was “putting myself and others in danger, and I need to be more responsible.”

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Unlike his previous ban, Jones has yet to publicly address his latest suspension at the time of writing.

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Twitch likewise has not confirmed the direct reason for his September 20 ban – but after exposing himself for using racist language, it comes as little surprise to fans and critics alike that a suspension was not far behind.