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IRL Streamer JakeNBake Has a Message for Twitch

Published: 1/Sep/2018 17:12 Updated: 1/Sep/2018 17:21

by Vincent Genova


Twitch is making changes to their IRL and Creative sections in an attempt to make content easier to find.

The tags are being removed in favor of more specific categories, but some streamers are not happy about the changes.

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IRL was a catch-all category that hosted everything that was not streamers playing video games. Categories like ‘Travel & Outdoors’ and ‘Just Chatting’ are among the new classifications, but IRL streamer JakeNBake is worried there is no longer a category for him.

He addressed Twitch directly with his concerns.

Yo Twitch, hey, my name is Jake and I’m one of the streamers that does IRL, In Real Life. I stream my life, dude. You’re going to split us up into Travel and Outdoors? ‘Hey what’s up I’m a travel and outdoors streamer?’ No, I’m not dude. I stream my life.

JakeNBake made his comments while travelling in Shanghai, China, before leaving for Las Vegas. He plans to return to his home in Tokyo, after visiting Los Angeles.


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Still, he wants the old categories to stay and left no doubt on his opinion.

Twitch, you better keep the f**kin IRL section, because I stream my life. I know there’s only a few of us, that’s fine. Let us shine, because we are the future of streaming.

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Twitch’s official description of the Travel & Outdoors category is below.

Whether exploring a new city or just hanging out in your hometown, this category covers all of your walking-and-talking needs.

At this time, it is not clear how they will handle streamers who are active in a variety of the new categories. The changes to the IRL section of Twitch are expected to go live in mid-September.