IRL Twitch streamer scammed into paying fake waitress

Twitch: therealshookon3

IRL Twitch streamer Jesse ‘shooK on3’ Latham was scammed by a fake waitress while in the Philippines, after she claimed to be the manager at the bar where he was drinking.

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Shook is a popular Twitch streamer, with over 84,000 followers on the streaming site. He is currently travelling the world, and streaming as he does so. However, while in the Philippines, he was conned into giving money to a woman posing as a waitress.

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Shook had been drinking at a bar in the Philippines, when he was approached by a lady who asked him to pay for the beer he’d been drinking.

Instagram: therealshookon3Latham has spent the last few weeks travelling round Asia.
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Latham paid 500 pesos (roughly $10 or £7.50)  for his beers – after he was prompted by the ‘waitress’. Neither the streamer nor his viewers batted an eyelid when prompted to pay, despite the woman’s struggles to add up his drink tally, or the amount of questions she asked about how much he owed.

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The ‘waitress’ was not in a discernible uniform, but claimed to be the manager of the establishment, and was subsequently paid by Shook.

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Suspicions were first raised after another member of staff came over and asked the streamer to pay for his drinks, to whom he explained that he had already given a member of staff 500 pesos.

The actual staff member was confused by this and went to get a senior member of staff, as Shook explained he had been charged 125 pesos per beer, and that the waitress who had asked for it had finished her shift.

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This was followed by Shook being approached by the actual manager of the bar, who asked to see the clip of the waitress, to establish whether or not she was an actual employee. The manager explained that the lady is “not staff here”, causing Shook understandable frustration.

Shook spent the next couple of hours at the same bar, establishing what happened and showing footage of the lady in question, who likely did not know she was being filmed as she performed the theft.

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He later described the event as “wild” and took issue with a number of his chat who were jokingly suggesting he had “snitched” on the fake waitress. However, it’s hard to see him letting such a minor event ruin his world travels.

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