IRL streamer EBZ rages at hotel staff as stream snipers target him

Published: 24/Sep/2019 15:05 Updated: 24/Sep/2019 15:11

by Connor Bennett


IRL streamer Ebenezer ‘EBZ’ Lembe got into a war of words with hotel staff after his stream viewers bombarded the phone lines asking to speak with him.

When it comes to IRL [in real-life] streaming, viewers can usually interact by messing with text-to-speech donations or sharing media that will prompt some confused looks from passers-by. 

Others, however, take up the mantle of trolling streamers by calling restaurants, stores, and hotels that they may be eating at, shopping in, or staying at. That fate fell upon EBZ, a YouTube IRL streamer, when viewers figured out what hotel he was in, began calling reception, and asking for him – causing anger from the staff. 

Coast2CoastLiveEBZ streams his daily antics on YouTube to hundreds of viewers.

During his September 23 broadcast, the IRL streamer had been sat in a hotel in New York when his viewers began calling the building and asking for him. Of course, that frustrated hotel staff who kept answering the calls. 

“Sir, what are you doing sir?” asked one worker, “this guy is calling for you.” Instead of answering, EBZ told him to hang up the call – prompting further annoyance from the staff member. “Ok,” he replied, before stating that calling the cops wasn’t out of the question. 

This immediately sparked fury from the streamer who questioned if he was being threatened because of the phone calls. “Are you warning me? Are you threatening me?” he asked, before exploding.

“Ok, do what the fuck you need to do bitch. Fucking idiot. What, are you bored at work? Did you just threaten me? Did you just threaten me? I fucking hope not – idiot.” 

Instead of continuing the confrontation, the streamer headed away from the desk and went to sit down – visibly still frustrated by the interaction that he had just encountered. 

Whether he suffered any repercussions from his arguments with the hotel staff is unknown considering his channel doesn’t hold streams and he hasn’t issued any update about the situation on Twitter. 


Twitch streamer banned for “inappropriate body-art” slams “bullsh*it “ruling

Published: 8/Jan/2021 10:12 Updated: 8/Jan/2021 10:14

by Virginia Glaze


A body painter and streamer, ‘DelightDaniTV,’ has been permanently banned from Twitch despite seemingly following their Terms of Service, causing her to hit out at the platform in a pointed series of social media posts.

Twitch is a hive for content of all sorts; from broadcasting video games to sharing sightseeing ventures and even competitive dating shows, the platform stands as one of the most varied live streaming sites out there.

However, one of its categories continues to garner controversy throughout the years and that hasn’t appeared to stop after a body painting streamer was hit with a ban despite seeming to follow the platform’s rules.

On January 6, streamer and body painter ‘DelightDaniTV’ hit out at Twitch after receiving a permanent suspension for “inappropriate body art,” which included such offenses as “ females not wearing opaque paint over their chest area” and “wearing a paint and latex combination while streaming content unrelated to body art.”

DelightDaniTV slams Twitch permaban

Dani argued that she was not in violation of any of these rules, showing that she was completely covered with opaque paint in a screenshot taken from her broadcast at the time of the ban.


“According to twitch TOS, using pasties and a layer of latex to cover your nipple and areola and using opaque body paint is within their guidelines, which I followed,” she continued. “If they ain’t cool with body paint, they need to delete the category and not allow it at all.”

Dani then goes on to point out the hypocrisy of the Twitch ban hammer, pointing out that several female streamers have only received a three day ban for exposing themselves on purpose, but then claiming it was an accident.

She closes out her rant with a jokey comment, but it’s pretty clear there’s some venom behind her statement:

Twitch has banned body painters before

This is far from the first time that a body painter has been banned from the site despite appearing to follow Twitch’s guidelines.

A number of female body painters have received suspensions from the platform despite painting their chests before the stream even started and only broadcasting the painting in question.

Twitch itself provided a much-needed update to its nudity and body painting policy in April 2020, although some streamers have taken issue with its clauses for being “vague.”

Twitch has yet to respond to Dani’s permanent ban at the time of writing.