iPhone Users Unable to Purchase KSI vs Logan Fight – Quick Fix Guide

Some iPhone users have reported difficulty with purchasing the KSI vs Logan Paul fight, but we have created a quick fix guide to ease the trouble.

With the fight only available via Pay Per View, some fans have been unable to watch KSI vs Logan Paul due to attempting to buy the fight on their iPhone.

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Although it was recommended beforehand that prospective viewers use a desktop computer or Android mobile device, it is still possible to watch the bout on an iPhone.

Step 1

iPhone users must first go to YouTube.com on their mobile device, and find the live-stream of the fight.

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Step 2

Next, a user must hit the ‘Share’ icon at the bottom of the page, which will then bring up a menu.

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Step 3

Finally, iPhone users must hit ‘Request Desktop Site,’ which will re-direct them to a page where they will then be able to purchase, and watch the fight on YouTube.


It should be noted that iPhone users can watch the fight on YouTube without any difficulty if they have already purchased the PPV on a different device.

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