ICE_POSEIDON kicks Sam Pepper from streaming network over alleged cheating scandal

by Virginia Glaze


Popular IRL streamer ICE_POSEIDON has officially kicked fellow streamer Sam Pepper from his stream team, due to an alleged scandal between Pepper and POSEIDON’s girlfriend.


POSEIDON revealed that he would be removing Pepper from both the CX Network and his Reddit page in a Tweet on January 29, claiming that the streamer had crossed a major line.

“Due to reasons I choose to not disclose, Sam Pepper is banned on my Reddit and removed from the network,” POSEIDON wrote. “He crossed a line that a friend should NEVER cross, and enough is enough.”


Following this Tweet, Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem called both POSEIDON and Pepper to get their side of the story - revealing a shocking development. 

According to KEEMSTAR, Pepper had allegedly been in private talks with POSEIDON’s girlfriend, prompting POSEIDON to kick him from the team.



That’s not all, KEEMSTAR also alleged that POSEIDON would be removing a slew of streamers from his CX Network following Pepper’s ban, and would be replacing the personalities with new streamers (the identities of which are as yet unknown).

This isn’t the first scandal Sam Pepper has been involved in, either. The former YouTuber-turned-streamer faced sexual assault allegations in 2014, after six women came forward with claims that they had been touched inappropriately and harassed by Pepper.

Sam Pepper has been kicked from ICE_POSEIDON's CX Network, after allegedly being involved with ICE's girlfriend.


Three additional women likewise claimed that Pepper had groped them at a YouTube event in London, choosing to keep their identity a secret for fear of further harassment.