How to use Twitter Notes: Long-form posts takes over Twitlonger

. 12 days ago
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Twitter Notes are slowly rolling out to some users as the company looks to integrate its new long-form publishing tool on its site. Here’s how to use Twitter Notes though not many have access to it just yet.

There’s been talk about Twitter revamping its newsletter subscriptions, Revue, to its main social platforms to give some access to full-length posts for written articles, an alternative to TwitLonger, or the like.

Though Twitter Notes hasn’t launched to wider audiences yet, select users have already been publishing their works directly on the site.

There are a few added features people will be able to use to customize their Notes, so here’s how to use Twitter’s newest feature.

twitter notes
Twitter Notes lets writers add media structure articles from their profile.

Using Twitter Notes

While Twitter puts Notes through the initial beta period, the company showed how users can expect to craft articles featured on their profiles.

Breaking free from the app’s 280-character limit, the company is giving Twitter users a way to integrate GIFs, video clips, and, of course, tweets onto their drafts.

How to use Notes

  • Find the ‘Write’ tab near your Twitter Messages
  • Navigate to the ‘Write’ tab
  • Edit your Headline and just Start writing
  • Add a Featured Image
  • Click on ‘+’ to embed GIFs, Media, Tweets
  • Click ‘Publish’ when you’re done

At the moment, Twitter is only testing the feature with selectusers from Canada, Ghana, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and expects to get a ton of feedback from the test stages.

Twitter is giving testers two months to fiddle with the feature and could very well change big parts of the product ahead of its larger release.

The publishing tool will give Twitter users a new way to compile long blog posts, which could take the place of the site’s beloved Threads.

We’ll have to wait and see if Twitter Notes ever gets that widely used, but the company hopes to give writers more control of their content.

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