Hotel worker disgusts TikTok viewers after showing how she makes eggs: “That’s a violation”

TikTok Hotel EggsTikTok: _eg_girl/Unsplash: Eyestetix Studio

A hotel worker has gone viral on TikTok thanks to a video showing how she makes eggs at work, leaving viewers disgusted.

Whenever you go on a trip out of town, there’s a pretty high chance that you’ll stay at a hotel. And in the cost of that hotel is likely an option to eat breakfast every morning of your stay.

But yet, you’ve likely never wondered how that food is prepped.

Hotel worker Megan Rose, who goes by the name _eg_girl on TikTok, has gone viral after uploading a video showing how she makes scrambled eggs at the hotel.

TikToker goes viral after sharing hotel eggs

On September 5, Megan posted a video that showed her scraping the eggs in a pan. It quickly went viral, gaining nearly three million views in the days following.

On top of that, thousands of viewers flooded the comments with thoughts ranging from praise for how they taste to how many believe it’s a “health code violation” to cook them in the buffet warmers that they’re served from.

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One user commented, praising the breakfast food: “Hotel and hospital eggs hit on another level, no lie.”

Another replied, implying that they don’t cook their eggs the same way: “That’s how you make eggs? Lol”

“No this is for warming. Not cooking. That’s a huge health code violation. They are in the temperature danger zone for WAY too long,” another viewer commented.

In another video, the TikToker reveals that the eggs she’s cooking in the video are pre-mixed in a box, and she plans on scrambling them after they’re fully cooked.

Many others, however, argued that the “correct” way to cook scrambled eggs is to mix them up as they become solid.