Hogman Challenges CouRage to Fortnite 1v1 after perceived slight - Dexerto

Hogman Challenges CouRage to Fortnite 1v1 after perceived slight

Published: 23/Sep/2018 16:35 Updated: 23/Sep/2018 16:45

by Vincent Genova


Fireworks erupted from normally friendly Fortnite players, resulting in a Twitter back and forth that ended with a 1v1 challenge.

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Fortnite pro coL Hogman took issue with a clip from OpTic streamer CouRage that discussed the results of the most recent Fortnite Fall Skirmish.

CouRage’s partner TypicalGamer was concerned about the talents of the compLexity squad that was behind them in the competition, CouRage responded with “we’re better.”

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Hogman found the clip and took offense to it, tweeting it out with a 1v1 challenge to CouRage.

“Hey @CouRageJD, someone sent me this clip of you saying you’re better than the coL players in yesterday’s tourney. I bet you $1,000 you can’t beat me in a best of 5 in playground 1 vs. 1’s,” tweeted Hogman.


CouRage responded, saying he was only “gassing up [TypicalGamer] to keep him confident.”

However, the second half of his tweet kept the argument going, claiming “But I also 100% believe if I scrimmed everyday… I’d be clapping them cheeks each time you saw me on the map”

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Finally, CouRage sent another tweet that was half calming the situation down and half escalating the situation. Starting by saying their conversation was not serious, then reminding coL pro that he outplaced them in the Fall Skirmish.

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Hogman received criticism for starting the dialogue between the two, but revealed he was only trying to get a storyline going and potentially a “fun event.”