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H3H3’s Ethan Klein slams Noah Beck for promoting “scam”

Published: 27/Sep/2020 13:34

by Joe Craven


Ethan Klein, popular YouTuber behind H3H3, has hit out at TikTok star Noah Beck for promoting a “scam” abs toner product to his 14.9 million followers. 

The growth of TikTok has led to a brand new wave of internet celebrities, many of who have amassed monumental followings on the Beijing-based social media platform.

One of these individuals in Noah Beck who, at the time of writing, sits at just shy of 15 million followers.

With such a following comes the opportunity for sponsorship and brand deals, the likes of which saw Beck promoting an abs toner product. However, this particular promotion left Klein less than impressed.


Noah Beck smiling
YouTube: Josh Richards
Noah Beck is a member of the Sway House.

The product is an abs stimulator, apparently designed to give the user more definition and tone without having to exercise and properly work out.

Klein responded to the promotion in his own TikTok, calling it a clear “scam” and hitting out at Beck for promoting the item to his audience.

“So it’s nice to see this scam made it to TikTok,” Klein said. “This has been around since basically television came out, they’ve been selling this to house wives and lazy people who just want abs and do nothing, but it’s a total scam.”

@ethankleinh3##duet with @noahbeck Noah beck ab secret revealed ##noahbeck ##fyp♬ original sound – noah beck

The remainder of the TikTok continues in the same way, with Klein hitting out at Beck and contradicting his claims about the product, even joking that it’s a “transformer”.


He finishes by reiterating that he believes it to be a “scam,” and suggests that TikTok stars should take more responsibility for the products they promote, especially when their audiences are made up of mostly young people.

Beck has not responded to the criticism. Beck is not the first to promote ‘ab toners’ on social media, with a host of celebrities and professional athletes – including Cristiano Ronaldo – have been sponsored by similar products.