H3H3 Blasts YouTube for New Subscription Box Algorithm

Ethan Klein from H3H3 Productions has blasted YouTube for their recent changes to optimizing subscription boxes in new ways.

A number of YouTubers have expressed disappointment in recent weeks with the decision at YouTube to alter the current subscription feed, which make it more difficult for subscribers to see new videos.

Klein, who has a history of making videos complaining about YouTube, has picked up the camera once again to tear into the video sharing site for their emphasis on pushing hand picked content.

Prior to the new changes, subscribers could go to their subscription feed and find a chronological list of the latest content uploaded by channels they have chosen to subscribe to.

Klein doesn’t just focus on the changes to the subscription algorithm, but also goes after YouTube for all of their “optimization” changes.

He also believes that the new subscription algorithm has the potential to in fact make channels invisible to their subscribers.

He reckons the subscription box feed will soon operate like the home page and sidebar of YouTube, “completely up to YouTube, nobody knows how it works.”

“YouTube finally now has full control over what content you see

It means people who are subscribed to you, notified to you, can actually not have access to your content, if YouTube decides its not what they want you to see.

Now YouTube can make your channel completely invisible even to your own subscribers.

The sub box, was the one place users knew what to expect, but now, YouTube is taking control of that as well.”

Klein sarcastically exclaims YouTube should “remove the subscription feature altogether and just show us the content you want us to watch.”

YouTube noted that they are experimenting with these changes, and they may not be permanent.

Klein believes that this change to the site could potentially ‘ruin’ YouTube and lead to a sever decline in users.

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