H3H3 banned on YouTube after video classed “too dangerous to watch”

YouTube: H3H3 Productions

YouTube star Ethan Klein revealed that his account ‘H3H3Productions’ has been banned from posting for a week, after one of his old videos was marked “too dangerous to watch” following alleged mass reporting. 

H3H3’s Ethan Klein has gained popularity over the years with his gossip-style videos, as well as a bit of drama between him and other creators.

Because of his often controversial content, H3H3 has gained the attention of quite a few people who have chosen to dislike him, and throughout the years have mass reported his videos in an alleged attempt to get his channel removed.

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On December 20, Ethan Klein revealed that his account ‘H3H3Productions’ has been banned from posting for a week after an old video was allegedly mass reported, causing YouTube to mark it as “too dangerous to watch.”

H3H3 banned on YouTube

On top of being banned from posting for a week, Klein also revealed that the Christmas podcasts that they’ve been planning for a month will not be happening at all.

In a series of Tweets, he explained what was happening: “Our final Christmas podcasts that we’ve been planning for a month will not be happening. We just randomly got a strike because a video we reacted to over a year ago was deemed “too dangerous to watch.”

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“They won’t even tell me what it was. Cant upload for a week.”

The issue doesn’t stop there, though. According to the H3H3 host, the video that YouTube issued a strike for is still available to be watched on the website with an added age restriction.

After he explained that he doesn’t understand why they are being penalized so heavily, the creator pleaded with the platform: “Please reconsider your decision, it has a tremendously negative effect on our business and community during an important time.”

In his final tweet, Ethan wrote to the alleged trolls that he’s been dealing with: “With any luck, you’ll have our channel erased by Christmas.”

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After many of his friends and fans pleaded to him to appeal the decision, he posted an update shortly after the original tweets stating that YouTube denied his appeal, and they are stuck with the one-week posting ban.

He further provided thoughts on the situation: “That’s the way it goes when you dedicate ur life to YouTube, have 10 full-time employees, owe rent on ur studio, & have 1000s of paying members… Merry Christmas.”

This isn’t the first bit of YouTube drama that the channel has suffered from recently. On December 14, they announced that they are suing a Korean media company for issuing copyright on one of his videos that featured their work — despite it being a clip of them reacting to an H3H3 video.

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