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YouTube Responds To H3H3 After Subscription Box Controversy

Published: 27/May/2018 17:27 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 17:28

by Scott Mahoney


Ethan Klein of H3H3 Productions has been blasting YouTube for making changes to their Subscription Box, YouTube responded to the video via twitter leading H3H3 to put out another video addressing the issue.

The drama surrounding the new subscription box algorithm began to form after a brief series of tweets on May 23rd, in which YouTube addressed a small channel’s concern that their subscription feed was no longer in chronological order.


If you are unfamiliar with the ongoing controversy around the subscription box, new changes to the subscription feed algorithm have optimized the feed to be more ‘personalized’.

It now suggests videos that YouTuber thinks users would be more likely to enjoy, rather than the most recent content a channel puts out.


YouTube attempted to clarify the matter in a tweet, explaining that users were not forced into the new setting.

H3H3’s Klein believes that the problem is the optimization of users’ subscription box will likely become implemented permanently and could cause subscribers to miss out on new content.

The change in YouTube’s subscription box has many creators worried about feeds filtering out their content, in favor of more popular channels that appeal to a broader audience.


Klein compares the recent changes to YouTube’s algorithm to the optimization of Facebook saying that the objective of the change is to keep users on the site as long as possible.

YouTube optimization has left users, and content creators like H3H3 worrisome about the future of the website as changes could lead to a less user-friendly experience.

As more changes come, Klein will undoubtedly have more to say about the future of YouTube and how it interfaces with the platform’s members.


Joe Rogan forced to cancel Kanye West podcast

Published: 20/Oct/2020 1:02

by Bill Cooney


Joe Rogan has been forced to cancel the next week of guests lined up for his podcast, including superstar Kanye West, after one of the host’s staff member returned a positive test result meaning the team must now isolate.

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most popular podcasts in the world listened to by millions of people each week, but the next slate of episodes has hit a major snag.


On Oct. 19, Rogan announced on Instagram that the show would be cancelling all the podcasts for the upcoming week after Jamie Vernon, the producer of the show, tested positive forcing the rest of the cast to self-isolate.

“Young Jamie Vernon tested positive today. I tested negative, the rest of the staff tested negative, but Jamie tested positive,” Rogan revealed in the video. “He thought he had a sinus infection or allergies. The episodes that aired last week we had previously recorded so I hadn’t seen Jamie in about nine days.”


Despite testing positive the former Fear-Factor host assured everyone his tech wizard was on the mend, but added he and the rest of his staff would be cancelling shows for safety reasons for the next week.

“So, we cancelled all the shows. We’re happy he has a mild case, but we cancelled all the shows. I’m keeping away from everybody and testing myself and the staff everyday until we’re in the clear, there’s nothing we can do,” the podcaster added. “I won’t know when we’ll do them [podcasts] again until we get a clear from the doctor. I think it’s ten days and three negative test results in a row.”

Sadly, this means fans will miss out on the highly-anticipated show featuring Kanye West, who was scheduled as a guest for the Friday, October 23 program.


Rogan didn’t completely rule out having the podcast in some form or another though, adding that he was looking into doing shows remotely or some shows with a substitute producer (which he wasn’t too keen on).

After offering apologies to all of the guests and fans affected by the news, the host summed it up as a “f***ed up situation,” but it will be interesting to see how they actually go about producing the show, and if they can still get Yeezy on.