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H1ghsky1’s manager blames Tfue for underage bans following FaZe lawsuit

Published: 23/Jun/2019 21:20 Updated: 24/Jun/2019 0:12

by Eli Becht


Amid the drama of Turner ‘Tfue‘ Tenney’s lawsuit against FaZe Clan, their youngest member H1ghSky1 was banned from Twitch, Twitter, and now Discord, according to his manager, as he was revealed to be underage.

While most eyes have been on what is going on with Tfue and FaZe, one FaZe Clan member, who was mentioned in the initial lawsuit, is suffering all sorts of issues.

H1ghsky1 has been banned from Twitch and Twitter already due to the revelation that he was underage, and many are pinning the blame for this on Tfue since he initially brought it to light.


h1ghsky1, InstagramH1ghsky1 is FaZe’s youngest player.

The host of Drama Alert, Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR‘ Keem, likes to remind people that Tfue got H1ghsky banned and now it looks like H1ghsky’s manager is even jumping on that bandwagon.

In a direct message KEEMSTAR revealed to Twitter, we learned that the young pro’s Discord account has been suspended as he is not old enough to have an account on the platform.

In a now-deleted tweet, KEEMSTAR revealed H1ghsky’s manager blames Tfue for the banning, and thanks Keem for showing his support through all the turmoil.

“Tfue got patric’s discord banned too btw,” read the DM. “Also, Patric just wanted me to tell you Thank you so much for ur support. The kid really appreciates you and send his love. he says he can’t wait to see you soon.”


KEEMSTARA Twitter DM to KEEMSTAR from H1ghsky1’s manager.

Since his ban on Twitch, Highsky has started streaming on YouTube instead, as the platform allows minors to stream as long as they have a parent present to supervise. 

While this is quite the setback in his career, Highsky still has a bright future in Fortnite and with FaZe, as they haven’t stopped supporting him through all of this.

The lawsuit against FaZe and Tfue is still ongoing, and we don’t yet know what impact, if any, it will have on the esports giant.