Fortnite streamer reportedly arrested after beating wife on stream

A Twitch streamer who was angered by his wife interrupting his Fortnite game and appeared to attack her on stream, has reportedly been apprehended by authorities.

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The streamer, who goes by ‘MrDeadMoth’ was playing Fortnite when his wife asked that he stopped playing because he had been on too long, to which he reacted angrily.

After the argument became more heated, the streamer stood up and moved out of the camera shot, but his wife could be heard screaming in the background. A child/children can also be heard.

Warning: Footage is distressing.

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After returning to his chair and resuming play, the argument continues, and MrDeadMoth gets up for a second time and attacks his partner.

Although none of the attack is visible on camera, the woman’s screams are even more audible on this second occasion.

Warning: Footage is distressing

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A Twitter account has been providing updates, after apparently digging through MrDeadMoth’s social media accounts, whose real first name is Luke, claiming that he has been arrested but “no word on charges”.

However, YouTuber and host of DramaAlert, Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem, says both the man and woman have been charged, according to his sources.

The account which shared the original video of the incident on Twitter claims that MrDeadMoth originally ‘evaded’ authorities, but has now been apprehended.

They also claim that all charges against the woman have been dropped. The user, RevvOCE, told Newsweek that they were contacted by a lawyer shortly after posting the clip, who then reached out to Police and Twitch.