Five reasons why Shroud is better than Dr Disrespect

Published: 29/Mar/2019 17:37

by Connor Bennett


Twitch streamers regularly do battle in-game, on-stream and in-person, but when it comes to pitting two against each other there’s no better rivalry than shroud and Dr Disrespect. With that being said, here’s five reasons why shroud is the superior of the two. 

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has risen to the top of Twitch through hard work, dedication and by wowing his fans with ridiculous plays in shooter game after shooter game.

While some observers would call him the current face of the streaming platform, others, including Dr Disrespect himself, would disagree and point elsewhere. The Doc has an incredibly loyal cult following after dedicating a huge part of his life to building a strong internet personality and pulling off some high-level plays in games, but he still lags behind shroud in other areas.

Let’s look at the five reasons why shroud is better than Dr Disrespect…

Respawn EntertainmentThe Pair always overlap but who really dominates the rivalry?

A wider, and better, variety of on-stream games

The pair do play a number of titles that may overlap in the battle royale arena, but the Canadian’s variety is better. Yes, he may stick to a title that he enjoys – with the current example being Apex Legends, but he isn’t afraid to dip his toes elsewhere and has shown off his range with games like The Sims and Jurassic World: Evolution in the past. 

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    Shroud had a better competitive career

    Shroud’s career as an esports athlete helped him elevate his standing on the streaming platform. The Doc may be the two-time, back-to-back, Blockbuster video gaming champion, but shroud lasted longer as a competitive athlete. He also racked up more prize money and has his own in-game spot named after him in CS:GO.

    The Canadian was also able to balance his relative success in competition with his growing success on Twitch. Can the Doc claim that one? Absolutely not. Twitch was a far-out, alien concept when he was claiming his trophies.

    ELEAGUEThe former Cloud9 may not have won a CS:GO Major, but did win some trophies.

    Shroud has more subscribers

    Shroud has dominated Twitch in 2019, thanks in large part to streamers like Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins stepping aside and doing other things – but the former CS:GO pro has worked hard for it.  

    He hit 100,000 subscribers back in early March and has blown away the competition ever since – despite suffering a horrific arm injury in a scooter accident. The Doc lags severely behind in the sub count and it’s not even an argument. An easy point for shroud.

    Shroud dominates The Doc in head-to-head battles

    Whenever shroud and The Doc have clashed, it’s the former CS:GO pro who usually comes out on top. Be it in PUBG, Fortnite, Blackout, or Apex Legends, you can almost count on shroud picking off the Doc at some point on his way to the top prize.

    The Doc may have gotten one or two over shroud during Code Red and Twitch Rivals tournaments, but more often than not, he’s the one left with embarrassed when Shroud and his teammates pick him off with yet another headshot.

    DoritosShroud regularly dominates in streamer vs streamer games.

    Shroud’s comedic ability

    While it may not be a wholly serious reason, it’s a good point to make. Shroud’s comedic ability, when he’s being sarcastic or deadpan is pretty incredible – and can come off better than the Doc’s rage or planned segments.

    Shroud may not sing or dance on stream like the Doc does, but when he takes verbal aim at someone, they know about it. Even the Doc himself has recently been on the receiving end of one of shroud’s burns and left him speechless

    If you want to find out more about the Doc, take a look at the five reasons he’s better than shroud. 

    Who do you think is better, shroud or Dr Disrespect? Let us know @Dexerto on Twitter. 


Twitch streamer terrified after home intruders threaten him with gun

Published: 4/Dec/2020 12:48 Updated: 4/Dec/2020 14:38

by Alice Hearing


Twitch streamer Jaykirky’s home broken into and he was threatened with various weapons all while he was streaming Resident Evil in the early hours of the morning on December 4. 

Streaming on Twitch can be a dangerous venture given that anything and everything, can happen while you’re live. Typically, it’s only IRL [in-real life] streamers who have to worry about someone ruining their stream, but someones, something can go awry while a streamer in their home.

In the case of UK-based streamer Jaykirky, he was streaming Resident Evil in the hours early of the morning on December 4, while he heard a bang coming from nearby. The streamer was initially confused, but when he went to investigate, the sounds of smashing glass and shouting could be heard, all while the stream continued to run – leaving his viewers to hear everything, which startled a few of them.

A couple of minutes later, a clearly shaken Jay sat back down at his computer with his hood up, looking back behind him. With a very shaky voice, he explains to his terrified viewers what has just happened.

He says “someone smashed my window…the guy had a f***ing machete..I can’t call the police because they just pointed the gun at my head…it’s 5 o’clock in the morning, I don’t know what to do.” He said he thought it was his neighbors, adding that he lived in a dodgy apartment complex.

Jay explained that he was confronted by a man wearing a balaclava who had broken through his window. The streamer tried to head to the door in order to escape, but there were two more people outside waiting for him.

The streamer said that the intruder had asked him not to say anything, while another intruder held a machete. However, they realized that they were in the wrong place, and Jaykirky was not the person they were looking for. “I thought I was going to die,” he added, clearly shaken by what had happened.

The intruders eventually left, with the streamer unharmed but clearly in shock and tearful as he told viewers he didn’t intend to stay at his flat and that he is thankful he is still alive. The streamer also explained that he is now safe and choosing his next options wisely, taking into account the terrifying situation that had just unfolded.