Female streamer rants that girls “with the boobs” get more viewers on Twitch

Calum Patterson
Twitch / Zon1Q

Female Twitch streamer Zon1Q, has complained about the lack of attention and viewers her stream gets compared to other female streamers, particularly those who wear more revealing attire.

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The debate around streamers who are often crudely labeled ‘titty streamers’ has been ongoing for much of the live streaming platform’s history, and has been subject to increasing scrutiny in the past year.

Earlier in 2018, Twitch updated their community guidelines, including a section about suitable attire, to try to make clear what had always been somewhat of a grey area.

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Specifically, Twitch prohibits “Sexually suggestive content or activities”, and that attire must be suitable for its “context, intent and activity”, and for gaming streams, attire must be “appropriate for a public setting”.

But it is no secret that many Twitch streamers will purposefully exaggerate or otherwise make prominent, certain aspects of their body, and Zon1Q takes issue with this.

While streaming CS:GO, a first-person shooter which is very popular on Twitch and that Zon1Q is proficient at, she complains that “girls with the boobs have more viewers than me, and [it’s] killing me.”

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It is a contentious subject, as some suggest that it is not necessarily the fault of other streamers, regardless of the nature of their content, for the perceived lack of success another streamer manages.

On the other hand, it can be argued that by having some female streamers attempt to attract viewers with content other than their personality or gameplay, it hurts the potential for growth of other female streamers, who are perhaps being more ‘honest’ in their approach.

Zon1Q is a skilled CS player, and is partnered on Twitch with over 13,000 followers. You can watch her live on her channel.