FaZe Censor threatens to expose “punks” vandalizing his home

YouTube / Censor

FaZe Clan member Doug ‘Censor‘ Martin has vowed to find and expose a group of individuals who he claims have been vandalizing his property for over four years.

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The former professional Call of Duty player has hit out at the vandals, who also ordered a pizza to his home at 3am, which disturbed his pets, although Censor and his partner slept through the commotion.

According to the YouTuber, both his own previous apartment and his mother’s home have been egged by this group of vandals, with repeated incidents over four years.

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Censor / YouTubeSecurity footage shows eggs being thrown at the house, the patio and Censor’s car.

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In his previous apartment he was unable to obtain the security footage, but now in his own home has setup cameras, catching the perpetrators in the act.

Censor’s says he is puzzled by the repeated attacks, explaining that he has “never wronged anyone”, and so cannot fathom the motivation for egging and pranking his property.

In a series of Tweets on May 29, Censor explained that the “punks” would be taught a lesson.

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In his YouTube video that followed, Censor included the footage from the security camera, but explained that although the pranksters had called Dominos to order pizza to his home at 3am, the company was unable to disclose the number used.

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“I have never said anything on social media about these kids who have been vandalizing me for years,” Censor exclaimed, “I know you’re watching this right now, and I’m going to find out who you are.

“I’m going to find you, and I’m going to put you in your place.”

The popular YouTuber also said that a landscaper was charging him $400 to have the eggs cleaned up from the front of the property, but that his video on the situation should be able to cover the costs.

Censor previously uploaded another video showing two mysterious people approaching his property, back in October, but it’s unclear if the incidents are related.

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The vandals could be seen arriving and driving off in a vehicle, evidence that at least one of them is over the age of 17, and Censor estimates that they could be older still.