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EU Parliament approve Article 13: The death of memes?

Published: 26/Mar/2019 12:29 Updated: 26/Mar/2019 13:19

by Calum Patterson


The European Parliament has voted in favor of Article 13 and Article 11 on Tuesday, March 26, which is set to make major changes to copyright regulation online.

Article 13 (now renamed to Article 17 since the vote) has been a point of major controversy, as opposition claim that it will seriously impede the use of the open internet.

Creatives, particularly in the music industry, have been pushing for Article 13 though, in hopes of closing the ‘value-gap’ of revenue generated from platforms like YouTube, vs music streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify.

MEP Axel Voss was a main proponent of Article 13.

The new regulations will require commercial sites and apps to obtain licenses for all copyrighted material uploaded by users, and put in place more stringent filters on what content can be uploaded in the first place.

Despite attempts to make amendments to the bill, they were denied, and the proposals were approved by 348 votes to 274.

YouTube itself was vocally against the proposal, and you can watch their official Q&A video for more details.

Will Article 13 kill memes?

There has been a lot said about the potential for internet ‘memes’ to be seriously affected by the new copyright regulation.

However, ‘parody’ is an exemption, which should cover most memes and short viral video clips. 

That’s not the whole story though, as the creation of memes which use copyrighted material may be impeded, so ‘new’ memes may be produced at a much slower rate.

It leaves serious concerns for many of the most popular websites on the internet, including the likes of YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Twitch and more.

“The platforms need to have a responsibility and we want to give them that responsibility to deal responsibly with copyrighted content where the rights-holders are not those platforms” said Axel Voss, an MEP and proponent of Article 13.

The proposals will not take immediate effect however, as member states of the EU will now have two years pass laws putting Article 13 into action online.

The impacts of the European Parliament’s decision will be extensive, but just how much so remains to be seen.


Griffin Johnson not surprised Bryce Hall & Addison Rae are official again

Published: 1/Dec/2020 6:36

by Brad Norton


Bryce Hall and Addison Rae just announced that they’re officially back together again, though fellow TikTok star Griffin Johnson has explained why he wasn’t surprised at all.

After a full year of on again off again social media teasers, ‘Braddison’ is finally official. Despite months of dodging rumors and claiming they were just friends, the two TikTok celebs officially confirmed their relationship on November 30.

 “He asked me out on October 13 to be his girlfriend,” Rae explained in a November 30 YouTube video. “This is our second time dating.”

While the confirmation set the internet ablaze, with fans around the world overjoyed at the news, one TikTok star wasn’t all too shocked.


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“I mean… are we surprised?” Johnson said in an interview with The Hollywood Fix on the same day. “I’m not surprised,” he said before laughing in light of the announcement. Obviously one of Hall’s closest friends, he’s sure to have known the good news for quite some time now.

After taking things slow throughout all of 2020, it came as no surprise to Johnson that the duo got back together.

The newly reformed TikTok couple kept things under wraps at first. A few months went by as they got the relationship going for the second time before making it public. “Well, it’s the internet,” Johnson said, implying the two kept things under wraps to avoid new levels of attention.

While Johnson himself isn’t involved with a significant other just yet, he joked off the lovey-dovey nature of his friend’s relationship. “He’s such a simp,” he said while laughing about a recent post from Hall.

Clowning their announcement one last time, he brought up a post from the very start of the year. Hall may have kissed Rae over New Years’, but “it’s weird because Bryce kissed me first,” Johnson joked.

“Addison didn’t know about that.”