Elon Musk claims Twitter can be a rival to Twitch streaming

Theo Burman
Elon Musk with Twitch logoWikimedia / Twitch

Elon Musk has indicated that Twitter could compete with Twitch in the streaming industry in the wake of the streaming giant’s controversial advertising policy receiving backlash from creators.

In a discussion about Twitch’s new policy, which some of its largest creators have criticized heavily, Elon joined in to say that Twitter could be a potential rival in the streaming industry, which Twitch currently dominates.

Elon has consistently voiced his desire to make Twitter more friendly to broadcasting since his takeover of the company last year. Changes to Twitter spaces and video upload length for Twitter Blue users have shifted the site towards this.

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Elon Musk suggests Twitter could step into the streaming industry

In a conversation around Twitch’s new policy which restricts advertising and on-screen logos, Twitter user stevenmarkryan suggested that Twitch was “begging to be disrupted by Twitter” after Elon was tagged in a message saying: “Twitter streaming for gamers with Spaces in tandem would be fire”.

Elon replied, saying: “Ok fine, we’ll do it.”

Elon is known for making slightly wild statements on Twitter, so this doesn’t mean Twitter’s entry into streaming is guaranteed, but it represents another area where Elon could bring new ideas to the site.

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The move could capitalize on growing discontent with Twitch in the streaming community, which has allowed other platforms, like Kick, to gain a foothold in the space. With a solid user base already in place, Twitter might be able to do the same.

Some of the most controversial changes include the reduction of logos to just 3% of the screen, and the removal of “burned-in” ads inserted directly into the stream. These are techniques that are used across the platform by streamers to make revenue from brand partners and sponsorships.

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For a complete rundown on all the changes Twitch announced for advertising, and why creators are so angry about it, check out our full explainer here.

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