Dr Disrespect's hilarious 'Twitch Sells Out' review covers everything from Lamborghini sponsorships to water beds - Dexerto

Dr Disrespect’s hilarious ‘Twitch Sells Out’ review covers everything from Lamborghini sponsorships to water beds

Published: 17/Jul/2019 9:37 Updated: 17/Jul/2019 21:48

by David Purcell


Dr Disrespect has branded Twitch Sells Out the “worst thing he’s ever seen” on the platform, suggesting that sponsors are so embarrassed by the show that they’re now refusing to work with him.

The popular Twitch streamer urged the top dogs of the streaming platform to get in touch with their most high profile creative, of course talking about himself, in order to improve the project. 

After pulling up a short clip of the show on the home page, featuring Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys and a few other influencers, the Doc couldn’t believe what he was watching. 

GFUELDr Disrespect wasn’t too happy about the Twitch Sells Out show for Amazon Prime Day.

For those who aren’t aware, Twitch Sells Out was being streamed between July 15 and 16 on the website, bringing together a number of internet personalities to create an online Amazon Prime shopping experience. 


It’s fair to say that Dr Disrespect wasn’t a massive fan of what they were trying to do, though, suggesting it could have been a whole lot better if they made the right phone call. 

Then, if fans didn’t already get the message that the Two-Time wasn’t a fan of the show, he started to list the things that his sponsors have pulled out of, after they thought he was part of Twitch Sells Out.

“I was supposed to go race a Lamborghini against Bubba Wallace next weekend on some crazy ass formula one track, some Indianapolis track. It was a big crossover between F1 Indianapolis racing and Twitch – which is me,” he explained. 


Dr Disrespect added: “Now, Bubba Wallace is calling me going: ‘Is it the same guys running that Twitch Prime Sell Out thing? Because no, we’re not interested. These are the calls I’m dealing with right now.” 

Just after suggesting a commercial with Nike, where he’d apparently link up with Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, was taken off the table for the same reasons, he branded the show “unacceptable.” 

In fact, he went as far as saying he could do better. “It’s got nothing to do with the influencers, it’s the idea and how it’s produced,” he said, before pulling it up on the front page. 


“Shit man. I could write a better idea on my water bed in five minutes, at like eleven o’clock at night, when I’m the most tired that I am during the day.” 

Whether or not Dr Disrespect’s long list of exciting sponsorship opportunities have actually been squandered because of Twitch Sells Out is unknown, but he certainly puts across his points convincingly. 

Maybe something with more violence, speed, and momentum would be more to his tastes. Clearly, he wasn’t a fan.