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Dr Disrespect unexpectedly gives FaZe Jinx ‘the love’ during live broadcast

Published: 29/Aug/2019 4:26 Updated: 22/Jan/2020 12:49

by Brent Koepp


FaZe Jinx was streaming on Twitch on August 28 when he decided to change to Dr Disrespect‘s channel, and couldn’t have switched at a more perfect time as the Two-Time unexpectedly gave him ‘the love’. 

Dr Disrespect has been feeling the love lately, as the popular Twitch star recently made his musical debut on August 20 with ‘Give Em The Love’ which was created by J-1 and is aimed at stream snipers.

FaZe Jinx was streaming on August 28, when he decided to check out what the Two-Time was up to, only to find out that Doc was addressing him in the most perfectly timed moment.


Doc giving the love

The FaZe clan director was in the middle of his stream when he decided to see what Dr Disrespect was up to. “What’s Doc doing?” he asked after noticing that the Two-Time’s chat was going wild.

“What have we got here? I’m guessing he’s fired up based on the chat,” Jinx said while an advert played, before Doc showed up on his screen as he was getting ready to launch into one of his infamous rants.

Twitch: FaZe Jinx / Dr DisrespectJinx unexpectedly was given ‘the love’ by Dr Disrespect after switching to his channel at the perfect time

“I’m talking to you!”

Jinx switched over to the Two-Time right as he was delivering a epic speech backed with a synth track. “Whether you are in a cubicle, whether you are in detention…” Doc said, before Jinx replied “yep” to each one he was listing.


And then in what was insanely perfect timing, Dr Disrespect said: “whether you’re on your stream right now watching me while you’re streaming, which 99% of the people are.”

A look of surprise came over Jinx, as Doc described him perfectly. In a hilarious moment, the FaZe Clan director switched the camera angle to his face, a priceless expression plastered over his face.

Dr Disrespect then asked him and everyone else watching to stand up and sing along. “I need everyone to stand up and sing it with me, baby.” Jinx then raised his hands up in the air, feeling the love that Doc was giving.


As the Two-Time began to belt out his song, the FaZe Clan member yelled “hey” in unison with the Twitch star before breaking out in laughter and shouting “what the fuck!?” as the perfect timing of the moment dawned on him.

It couldn’t have been more perfect timing as Dr Disrespect knew fellow streamers were watching and just wanted them to feel some love.