Dr DisRespect Thinks Twitch is Out to Get Tfue After Latest Ban

Virginia Glaze
Dr Disrespect - Twitch, Tfue - Twitch

FaZe Clan pro Fortnite player Tfue’s ban from Twitch has the gaming community in an uproar.

While nothing has yet been confirmed, speculation has it that Tfue was suspended from the streaming platform due to racist comments banned viewers had on another stream he hosted.

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Multiple streaming personalities had plenty to say about this turn of events. xQc, former Overwatch player for the Dallas Fuel and current full-time streamer, even drew a diagram explaining why he felt the ban made no sense.

Another popular Twitch streamer, Dr Disrespect, likewise chimed in on the situation on his own stream, expressing his strong opinions on Tfue’s ban, claiming that Twitch has it out for the pro player.

“Like I said, Twitch has it out for Tfue, man. ‘Cause they immediately said, ‘You’re suspended again.’ Twitch, you’ve got your priorities wrong, man.”

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Dr Disrespect then suggested methods that might help prevent another _ from occuring, suggesting that Twitch make an effort to truly understand streamers and their communities.

“You need a filtering system. You need people to go around every single channel and just understand them. So, when I grab my crotch… in front of my subscriber base, we’re having fun in the arena.”

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He then poked fun at Twitch’s corporate side, suggesting that workers behind the ban are white-collar CEOs who are out of touch with the streamers’ audiences.

“Not some idiot in Twitch headquarters, some corporate guy in a suit and tie, going, ‘He can’t do that! Issue him the warning, or else, man!’”

Tfue’s ban has sparked a similar reaction from multiple personalities within the gaming and streaming spheres. As more details have yet to be released, fans can only guess at Twitch’s true intentions behind the ban and support Tfue through other outlets.