Dr Disrespect shows no sympathy for Shroud’s scooter accident


Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has recently returned to streaming after a scooter accident that left him hospitalized – but Dr Disrespect isn’t interested in a pity party.

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Shroud required surgery on his elbow after he was flung over his handlebars whilst riding on his scooter at 50 mph. 

Despite needing a second surgery in the near future, shroud didn’t keep his viewers waiting and returned to streaming only the day after being discharged from hospital.

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Twitch/Dr DisrespectDr Disrespect wasn’t interested in sharing the compassion for Shroud
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One man was not sharing the concern for the former CS:GO pro – Dr Disrespect. The popular Twitch streamer received a donation asking whether he was aware of the accident and gave a hilarious response.

“I did hear about it [the accident]” Doc explained, “he got a booboo on his elbow! Tell him to get in the post and guard a 7 foot, 250-pound monster athletic man.”

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“He fell off his scooter and got a booboo on his elbow,” Doc shouted as he continued his rant. “And it’s the collapse of social media. Jesus!”

His response was likely in response to shroud’s joke during his comeback stream where he compared his slow movement speed due to the injury to Doc’s looting ability on Apex Legends.

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The exchange was all in good spirits with the pair regularly teaming up on the battlefield. Nevertheless, they enjoy going back and forth to entertain their Twitch followers.

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