Dr DisRespect Roasts PUBG Creator – “You’re not a gamer”

Calum Patterson

Twitch streamer and avid PUBG player Dr DisRespect reacted to a recent video with the creative director of the game, Brendan Greene, and was characteristically ‘disrespectful.’

Despite putting countless hours on stream into PUBG, Dr DisRespect has somewhat of a love hate relationship with it, having raged, uninstalled and hit out and the developers plenty of times.

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But it remains his game of choice for the majority of his live streams, even with all of its flaws, which he likes to regularly remind Bluehole Entertainment of.

Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene did a video with WIRED recently where he answered questions about the game and some of its issues from players on Twitter, and the Doc made sure to tune in.

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After Greene admits on the first question that he isn’t a very good player himself but didn’t know why, Dr DisRespect was obliged to explain for him.

“It’s because you’re not a gamer. You’re still living in PACMAN city, look at your shirt. The sleeves are too high, this angle of sleeves, never liked it.”

Greene goes on to recommend that bad players “keep playing, find bushes and love it”, and this truly incensed the Doc.

“And that’s why the game plays at a pathetic pace. Hey Brendan, did you see the last game I was just in? Did you see that last game? That’s your playerbase!”

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Dr DisRespect didn’t stop there either, as Brendan moved on to the next question, this time about vehicle physics, specifically vehicles flipping to easily. Greene says that he is ‘proud’ of the game’s vehicle physics – but the Doc disagrees.

“They get me from point A to point B in the most unathletic, pathetic way I’ve ever experienced in video gaming history.”

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Greene’s video goes on for around another ten minutes, but the Doc was distracted and didn’t finish it, so the PUBG creator was spared anymore of his ruthless tirade.

Despite his complaints, Dr DisRespect has continued to play PUBG for over a year consistently, still clearly his game of choice in the battle royale genre, but with so many new BR’s coming soon, he may be moving on soon.