Dr Disrespect roasts WoW Classic after one look at Asmongold’s stream

Isaac McIntyre
Dr Disrespect, Twitch / Asmongold, Twitch

Guy ‘World of Warcraft Classic star’s attempt at the Molten Core raid.

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WoW Classic has been all the rage for popular Twitch streamers recently, especially in the case of leading Azeroth personality Asmongold, who just hit the game’s max level cap.

When Dr Disrespect heard that his fellow entertainer was peaking at over 100,000 viewers while attempting the game’s end-game raid, he dropped by to see what all the fuss was about.

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The WoW star was partway through fighting enemies in the Classic level 60 raid, and was currently fighting a massive fire elemental with his 40-player party. Dr Disrespect seemed not to be impressed at all, and quickly turned on the heat.

“Like what the hell is going on on the screen, look at this … Asmon you’ve got to break down what is this. What is this magical palace I just stepped into Asmon, huh?” the Twitch superstar asked as he gestured to the elements all across the screen.

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“I mean what’s on all these lines right here, especially the bottom one,” the Two-Time said as he poked at the game’s UI. “And then what’s this, what are all these little squares? And what’s way up there above your head? What’s going on here man?”

The Doc’s drop-in on Asmongold’s stream was sparked after he revealed he was “concerned” that WoW was going to end the careers of every streamer on the Twitch platform.

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“I’ve got a concern, I’ve got to put a red flag up,” Beahm said at the beginning of his September 9 stream. “I am concerned that World of Warcraft could end our careers as streamers ladies and gentleman, the entire community. Let me go into the details why.”

From here he took on the voice of a ‘casual’ viewer: “I keep hearing about Twitch, let me turn it on and see what it’s all about. Let me go into this stream … what the fuck is going on here?

“I don’t know what the fuck’s going on in this game, there’s goddamn UI everywhere and dragons flying through clouds and rainbows and shit,” the Doc continued. “I’m out of here! You don’t get my money, I’m out of here. The hell kind of industry is this?”

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While the Two-Time may not be a big fan of WoW and it’s lack of the ‘violence, speed, and momentum’ he adores in his streaming titles, it’s clear Blizzard’s re-release is here to stay.

DrDisrespect may also have declared he will never make the switch to WoW Classic, but with more and more streaming stars loading into Azeroth every day, it could only be a matter of time before we see the Champions Club convince the Doc to try his hand at the latest craze.