Dr Disrespect reacts to Alinity Twitch drama in most Doc way imaginable

Twitch: Dr Disrespect / Alinity

Dr Disrespect may be the self-proclaimed “Face of Twitch,” but it seems The Doc isn’t remotely interested in the current drama facing the streaming platform, giving his thoughts on the recent drama involving fellow streamer Alinity Divine.

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Alinity has faced massive criticism from streamers, viewers, and even PETA after clips taken from her channel showed her tossing her pet cat carelessly over her shoulder, and even feeding it a small amount of vodka directly from her mouth.

While many are up in arms about her perceived lack of punishment from Twitch, Dr Disrespect made it clear that there was only one streamer on the platform he had any interest in – himself.

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GFUEL, TwitterDr Disrespect weighed in on the Alinity controversy in his own special way.
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The Champions Club were clearly keen to hear The Doc’s take on the situation, but if they were expecting a heartfelt opinion or a suggestion on how to deal with the problems, they were sorely mistaken.

“What are your thoughts on Anility… Anility… Anihilated and her situation?’ Dr Disrespect read from a donation. “Like I said, I don’t really care. I’m not the other people who for whatever reason care so much about other people’s situations.”

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In true Doc fashion, the “back-to-back Blockbuster Gaming champion” wasn’t finished, going on to tell the Champions Club that they shouldn’t be focusing on things like that, and instead should be paying attention to him instead.

Dr Disrespect continued: “If there is a level of inconsistency coming from the platform and favoritism that affects me personally, then that’s an issue. Honestly, as far as I’m concerned, I don’t even care.”

“I don’t. I don’t even know who it is, who is that? You’re looking at the face [of Twitch]! Like, I don’t even care! You think I’m concerned about that? Should be focused on me!”

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Whether Alinity will eventually be banned on Twitch remains a hot topic among the community, and it remains to be seen whether the platform will take any action against her after yet another controversy.

Don’t expect The Doc to be campaigning for her suspension though, as his mind is clearly on bigger priorities like maintaining the “bulletproof mullet” and bringing even more “violence, speed and momentum” to his audience.