Dr DisRespect Makes His Feelings Clear About the New PUBG Update

The Doc has always had a love-hate relationship with PUBG over the course of his streaming career.

Although it is one of his most played games, Dr DisRespect has historically found ways to criticize PUBG in any way he can since the game has been released.

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Following the launch of the PUBG PC 1.0 Update #19 on Wednesday, August 1, the self-proclaimed ‘most ruthless competitor in the online gaming community’ made his feelings vividly clear regarding the new content by taking a quick snooze while reading the patch notes.

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Dr DisRespect has actually been featured in PUBG following his constant streaming of the game in the form of a weapon skin which can be found in the properly-named ‘Speed and Momentum Crate.’

While the Doc may jump from title-to-title in the hopes of providing new forms of entertainment for his loyal viewers, he can typically always be found returning to PUBG in one way or another.

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More information on the latest PUBG Patch #19 including new additions, notes, and much more can be found right here.