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Dr Disrespect terrifies Twitch viewers after losing his mind with rage

Published: 19/Apr/2019 8:51 Updated: 19/Apr/2019 11:44

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite Battle Royale can cause, especially when it comes to dying in a late-game situation, but this might be one of his most explosive moments on the game yet. 

The popular Apex Legends, Battlefield V’s Firestorm, and his old faithful – PUBG.

While the Doc can usually acquit himself well to any new game he plays, he’s still just behind some players in Epic Games’ title – which can lead to him completely losing his mind.

The Doc will usually sound off after matches when he dies a surprising death.

What happened to Dr Disrespect?

After losing an intense one-on-one gunfight to an opposing player with a rocket launcher, the Doc fell silent and sat with a look of disbelief written all over his face as he left the game.

Once the anger had built up inside him, the Two-Time launched into a stunning rant before walking off stream. “It’s so fucking boring. Pro scrims and pro-level gaming in this game is fucking boring,” he said. “It’s so terrible. I am losing my mind for fifteen minutes to get to that point, just to have some fucking idiot with a rocket launcher do that!”

He roared on: “It’s stupid! It’s stupid. It’s a stupid game – it is.” The Doc added another round of “it’s stupid” before his headphones fell off his head and he had to walk away from his broadcast to compose himself.

Progressing in Arena mode

The Doc may have been completely enraged by what had happened, but he didn’t decide to take the extreme measure of uninstalling the game or almost destroying his desk as he has in the past.

Instead, after a few minutes away, he carried on in his pursuit of jumping up the Fortnite Battle Royale ranked mode divisions, aiming for the top of the mountain.

While he may already have achieved Champions League status, The Doc is a man who doesn’t usually just settle for being around the top. No, he has to be at the very top, in the number one spot – and he only achieves that by dominating more foes and snapping even more necks.


Karl Jacobs teases Jackbox lobby with Corpse, Sykkuno, Dream & James Charles

Published: 21/Jan/2021 23:05

by Alan Bernal


A party’s about to go off on Karl Jacops’ Twitch channel as the content creator is rounding up some of the biggest names on the streaming site for a little Jackbox Games lobby including Corpse, Sykkuno, and more.

The Twitch meta is currently embedded in Rust with a healthy side of Among Us streams, but Jacops (who is a member of Mr Beast’s regular crew on YouTube) is continuing his Jackbox parade with even bigger names taking part in the wholesome fun.

But there’s going to be a ton of crossover with fandoms for the next stream, since it could include people from all corners of online entertainment like make up moguls, a fan-favorite mystery YouTube star, and more.

“We got to get Sykkuno in one of these [Jackbox Games],” Jacops said, pumped on his highly successful Twitch streams so far with a chyron at the bottom of the screen indicating he had about 22,400 subs.

The prospect of getting one of the fastest growing Twitch streamers on board is an enticing prospect for many, and something the Sykkuno himself wouldn’t mind being a part of.

“I texted Sykkuno last minute, like 30 minutes before I started my stream, ‘Do you want to play Jackbox? It’s me Corpse, Dream– I gave him the rundown. He was like, ‘Of course’ and I said, ‘OK, sweet. I’m gonna start in 30 minutes.’”

Although that’s where the hang up happened for Sykkuno who probably wasn’t ready for a Jackbox party on such short notice. But that’s where Jacobs is going to get better at organizing.

jackbox games
Jackbox Games, Inc
A Jackbox lobby filled with the eccentric content creators would be good for a few laughs.

The streamer was excited at the prospect of a Jackbox stream with the ‘gang’ that included Corpse Husband, Sykkuno, James Charles, Dream, and himself along with a couple more people.

That mash up would definitely be a band of characters that can easily draw thousands of viewers, and the personalities would be hilarious to see mesh live.

Jacobs has been streaming a lot more regularly since mid-2020, so it might not be long before the star-studded Jackbox Twitch stream goes down for viewers to tune in.