Dr Disrespect’s latest challenge for shroud could see them team up

Matt Porter
Respawn Entertainment

Popular Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect has turned his attention to long-time rival Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, and issued a challenge that fans of both men would love to see come to life.

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To many, shroud is the most talented creator on the platform, regularly impressing his huge audiences with his ability to pick up almost any game and dominant it immediately.

Now, The Doc is hoping to team up with his nemesis, as he hopes to take part in a special duos edition of his classic ‘Triple Threat’ challenge.

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Dr Disrespect wants to see shroud take part in his Triple Threat challenge.

In a tweet sent out on August 4, the back-to-back Blockbuster video gaming champion addressed shroud directly, telling him to stop avoiding him and the “1990 Diablo VT parked across the street from your $2 million casa in Southern California.”

“If the binoculars bother you then just tell me via flip phone or DM. I want a duo Triple Threat challenge this week.”

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What this week’s Triple Threat challenge will entail has yet to be revealed, but The Doc typically includes PUBG and Apex Legends as two of the games, with Fortnite a strong possibility for the third and final slot.

The Triple Threat challenge sees the leader of the Champions Club search for victories in three different games in one session, and has decided that he wants to bring shroud in on the action.

Twitch/Dr Disrespect
The Doc’s Triple Threat challenges are popular with his audience.
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Fans of both streamers will know that The Doc and shroud have had a friendly rivalry on Twitch for years, as the streamers battle for gaming supremacy, and while it seems that they’ll be teaming up this week, Dr Disrespect had some choice words for his nemesis last week, calling him “overrated” and telling him that he was going “to feel the pain” at the Modern Warfare multiplayer reveal.

The pair will have to put their hilarious feud aside for this challenge, although when it will actually take place hasn’t been confirmed just yet.