Dr. DisRespect has a hilarious look-a-like character in Soul Calibur VI

Bill Cooney

As one of the biggest names on Twitch, Dr. DisRespect has cultivated a large and loyal following of fans, one of whom is so crazy about the Doc that they made a scary-accurate model of the streamer to use in Soul Calibur VI.

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As Steven ster Serge queued up for a Soul Calibur fight, he suddenly realized his opponent appeared to be Dr. DisRespect making an appearance in the game himself.

“It’s the Doc? Oh shit,” ster tells viewers as soon as he realizes what he’s up against. “Oh shit like his hair is perfect! That’s awesome.”

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The character did seem to resemble Dr. DisRespect pretty well, from the moustache and sunglasses, to his trademark red flak vest and signature mullet.

The player who created the Doc appeared to use Geralt, a playable character in Soul Calibur VI, as the base model and customized from there, as one user said in chat “This is uncanny.”

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We don’t know if the Doc has seen this virtual homage to his image, but it would probably get his stamp of approval for going along with his “violence, speed and momentum” tagline.

The clip ends before we find out if ster or his opponent walked away with the win, but whatever happened, his foe gets the prize for one of the most hilarious custom skins ever seen in Soul Calibur.