Dr DisRespect Gives Tyler1 Some Streaming Advice

When you ask Dr DisRespect a question via a donation stream, you normally get a fairly straightforward and honest answer.

The two-time blockbuster video game champion isn’t really in the business of making friends for the sake of it, and will happily roast even the most successful fellow streamers.

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It perhaps came as something of a surprise to a donator who asked Doc if he liked Tyler1, and he responded with a fairly positive answer.

The Doc and Tyler1 have exchanged words in the past, including challenging each other to an arm wrestling competition at Twitcon. Unfortunately, it never ended up happening.

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When asked about what he thought of Tyler, the Doc explained that he liked him, but also gave him some advice.

“I like Tyler1. I think he should be playing multiple types of games. I think he should be more in the shooter realm as well, like the old school H1Z1 days. Proximity chat, that’s what he needs.”

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As an avid League of Legends streamer, it’s unlikely we’ll see Tyler1 entering into the shooter realm anytime soon.

The American has made it clear that he’s a fanatical LoL player, and although he has dabbled in reactions and IRL content, he remains focused on Riot’s game.

However, could Doc’s advice be what he needs to make the switch?