Dr DisRespect gets hilariously roasted by young Fortnite player - Dexerto

Dr DisRespect gets hilariously roasted by young Fortnite player

Published: 25/Dec/2018 2:46 Updated: 25/Dec/2018 2:55

by Wyatt Donigan


While Dr DisRespect infamously declared that he had deleted Fortnite and would never play again weeks ago, he’s decided to fire it up on Christmas Eve to some incredibly hilarious results.

The Two-Time Blockbuster Gaming Champion is never one to hold back any of his many varied opinions, but for once, he was on the receiving end of some fiery comments during his stream on December 24.

While playing in some random duos, he ran across one young Fortnite player who let it be known that The Doc wasn’t too impressive.

When he matched up with the young player, they admitted to immediately recognizing the name as a homage to Dr DisRespect, but didn’t sound too excited about it.


“Wow, it sounds like you were hoping for someone better or something,” said The Doc after recognizing the discontent in the player’s voice. “Are you disappointed? Who did you want to be, Tfue?”

Without missing a beat, the player replies “I wish!” much to The Doc’s dismay. 

The player didn’t stop there, however, continuing to lay it onto the clearly distraught Dr DisRespect.

“I would like to play with any streamer. It’s been my dream to play with, like, a good streamer,” the player concludes while simultaneously crushing The Doc’s spirit.

The pair ended up putting their differences aside to close out the game with a respectable fourth place finish.


It’s been quite the eventful day of random duos for The Doc, as he also ran into one player who admitted to having stopped watching his stream after he stopped playing PUBG.

While Dr DisRespect called this stream the “Learning Fortnite Xmas Special,” there’s no telling whether he’ll be making a trip back to the Fortnite directory anytime soon or if this was simply a one-off event.