Dr Disrespect explains how kids are “ruining” Fortnite Chapter 2

During his October 18 broadcast, Twitch megastar Dr Disrespect finally began to crack while playing Fortnite’s latest iteration Chapter 2, and gave an impassioned explanation for how kids are “ruining” the game.

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Despite swearing off Fortnite on multiple occasions and even uninstalling it more times then we can keep track of, the Two-Time gave the latest iteration of Fortnite a chance after Epic Games made some bold moves to overhaul the game.

However the Two-Time has started to lose patience with the shooter, and told his audience that he’s been getting “tweaked” and “twisted” over the battle royale because of one element – kids.

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Epic GamesFortnite Chapter 2 finally dropped on October 16.
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Doc blames kids for ruining the game

Dr Disrespect does not shy away from letting his audience know how he truly feels in the moment, and after some bad experiences with the latest version of Fortnite, he launched into one of his classic rants.

“F*cking game man! I’m starting to just tweak, twist, and turn a little bit. Things are starting to shift. I started out in a great mood today. I wanted to jump on Fortnite Chapter 2, and get some wins. And create some new Fortnite dances!” he exclaimed.

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The Twitch star had promised his chat earlier that for every win, he was going to create a new dance move IRL for the game. However those plans were foiled after he struggled to secure any victories. He then launched into the culprit he blames for the game souring on him. 

“Everyone that plays this game now is some ten year old, cheeto-eating little punk kid with blonde bangs in front of his face. He doesn’t know how to wipe his a*s, and I’m starting to lose my mind!” Doc roared.

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As his stream went on, Doc’s patience finally broke after being unable to turn things around and he uninstalled the game. “This game is trash. This game is f*ckin terrible. Get it off my system. Holy sh*t. Get that phony pathetic game off my system! I hate it!”

The Two-Time raised his fist into the air and screamed “Modern Warfare is just a week awaaaay!” in excitement. “We can get back to serious, high end shooters, and athleticism. None of that phony bullsh*t stuff right there!” he ranted before comparing Fortnite to Nickelodeon and Looney Tunes.

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(Mobile viewers, click here for the clip.)

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While it shouldn’t be too shocking that Doc ended up hating Fortnite Chapter 2 as he’s had a rocky relationship with first version of the title, his explosive rants are still entertaining nonetheless.

With Modern Warfare coming out on October 25, only time will tell if Dr Disrespect will fall in love with it, or if the latest Call of Duty will also face the wrath of the Two-Time.