Dr Disrespect explains his brilliant idea to make esports better

by Joe Craven


Popular Twitch streamer Guy ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm has offered his opinion on what he believes the vast majority of esports are doing wrong.


Dr Disrespect was discussing his favorite Halo professional players, harking back to the time when 'trash talk' was more common, as opponents sat only a few feet away on stage.

Now though, many modern esports are played on large stages, using soundproof headphones and even booths, which separates the players more.

Twitch/Dr Disrespect
Twitch/Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect thinks esports need to go back to their old ways.


“The modern day era of esports,” Beahm said. “It’s going in the wrong direction." He explains that he disagrees with putting players in soundproof booths, wearing soundproof, “multi-layered headsets” and not allowing coaches on stage.

Teams are often required to wear soundproof headsets so that the live audience cannot be heard and aid one team unfairly. Also, in some esports, for example Call of Duty’s CWL, coaches have been stopped from coming on stage and communicating with players during a match (although there are calls for this to change).


Dr Disrespect went on to say that he wants opposing teams to be able to communicate with one another. 

He states that when a map has finished, and the broadcast is setting up for the next map, the mics between both teams should be opened up to allow them to “communicate to each other, for like, a minute.”

The comedic suggestion from the Doc suggests he wants to see esports allow more opportunities for players to ‘trash talk’ one another, saying “it don’t matter if they won, or they lost, I would have a lot to say!”

While not all of the Doc's ranting should be taken seriously, as his suggestion about allowing teams to trash talk would likely dissolve into chaos, he certainly raises some interesting points about the direction and decisions some esports are taking.