Dr Disrespect executes daring solo Area 51 raid in amazing skit - Dexerto

Dr Disrespect executes daring solo Area 51 raid in amazing skit

Published: 3/Sep/2019 22:24

by Eli Becht


Twitch star Dr Disrespect debuted another one of famous skits during his stream and this time, he finally entered Area 51 to see what all the fuss was about.

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Doc might be best known for his skills on the virtual battlefield, he isn’t the two-time Blockbuster champion for nothing after all, but on top of that, his production value on his streams that is unmatched.

During the beginning of his stream on September 3, he showed viewers his trip into Area 51, giving everyone their first look at what the facility looks like on the inside.

Dr Disrespect - TwitchDoc went to Area 51.
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After standing outside of the site for a little bit, he finally worked up the courage to finally enter but almost immediately mentioned how he might’ve made a huge lapse in judgment.


“I think this was a mistake,” he said as he ran through the empty halls. “Alex!? Alex?! It’s gotta be one of these doors. No. No. No no no!”

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On the bright side, Doc was eventually able to find his way out so he could get back to entertaining the Champion’s Club. We’ve already seen what a world with Doc on Twitch was like, and we’re not sure if we want to experience that again.

This might very well be the culmination of his months-long plot to find his way inside the base. In July, he revealed he had a “secret plan” but didn’t give away too many details at the time.


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“We’ve been, uh, planning some things,” he said. “Can’t talk about ’em, or else we’d probably get killed. From the government.”

Dr Disrespect TwitchDoc’s one of the most entertaining streamers on Twitch.
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It appears safe to say that Doc won’t be heading back to Area 51 any time soon unless he wants to go with backup from the Facebook event.

For now, his mission is complete and he can put all of this behind him.