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Dr Disrespect calls out streamers who team up in Escape From Tarkov

Published: 10/Jan/2020 9:58

by Connor Bennett


Twitch star Dr Disrespect took aim at his fellow streamers for having their hands held in Escape from Tarkov while he plays all by his lonesome, attempting to take on the world with his trademark violence, speed, and momentum.

Ever since Battlestate Games made free drops available from Escape from Tarkov streams, the incredibly realistic shooter has become one of the most-watched games on Twitch. Its growth has allowed smaller streamers to rocket up in popularity, while also adding viewers to already established channels.

Even though the drops have since gone away and some viewers have gone back to watching other titles, plenty of streamers have stuck around. That includes Dr Disrespect who, unlike many of his fellow broadcasters, has been spending the majority of his time playing as a solo rather than in a group of streamers.


Battlestate games
Battlestate games
Escape from Tarkov’s streamers can regularly be found going through raids in groups.

During his January 9 stream, The Doc had been coming to a close when he took a break from one of his final raids to talk to his chat. After taking a few questions and making a few observations, he explained why he doesn’t find it all that impressive that his fellow streamers are teaming up to tear through raids. 

“You’ve got to remember though, all these other guys are playing with their groups, their friends, and the duos,” said the Doc. 

He added: “So when you see another streamer and they’re just smoking through a f**king level, that’s because they’ve got some high-end, four or five thousand hour male assistant to guide them, ok. Like, that’s not impressive to me. You go do what I do!” 


Of course, the Two-Time isn’t averse to having some assistance of his own in games – he regularly plays duos in PUBG, in fact – but Tarkov has been a way for him to spread his wings and prove that he’s still got that high-level solo skill.

He might need some back-up later down the line, especially if the game continues with its growth, but for now, you’ll be able to catch him riding solo.