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Dr Disrespect blasts Breaking Bad movie El Camino as “unneeded”

Published: 13/Oct/2019 9:45 Updated: 13/Oct/2019 10:16

by Connor Bennett


Twitch streaming star Dr Disrespect has blasted the new Breaking Bad movie, El Camino, as “slow and unneeded,” after finally settling down to watch.

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Breaking Bad concluded back in 2013, as the epic story about Walter White and Jesse Pinkman had millions from around the world tuning in on a weekly basis. For most fans, the series finished up in a pretty perfect manner – with all but one story, Jesse’s, having a true ending.

While other characters have had their backstories dissected, mainly through the Better Call Saul spin-off, fans had been left to theorize their own conclusions about Jesse – which, in a bid to put a bow on things, prompted El Camino. Plenty of fans have been positive in their response to the movie, but Dr Disrespect has been left pretty disappointed with it. 


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G FUELThe Doc has never shied away from making his opinions known regardless of whether fans disagree or not.

After finishing up his watch through of the two-hour movie, The Doc, who is never one to shy away from airing his opinions, tweeted: “It was slow and unneeded. 5.9/10. The best TV series in history didn’t need this.”

Many fans responded with differing opinions, as plenty told the Two-Time that he was wrong in what he thought. 

So, he followed up with a further explanation. “It was…. Generic. Unneeded,” the streamer added. “Disappointed. They created something legendary and then watered it down with a side salad.”

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Even though a number of fans still disagreed with his opinion, the Doc did receive a supportive response from Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek who simply responded with a “Yep.”


“Thank you Shroud, at least our friendship remains forever,” Dr Disrespect said – firm handshakes all round.

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As it stands, El Camino has a pretty favorable fan rating on both the IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes websites, putting The Doc in a minority of disappointed viewers. 

With him taking his usual weekend break from Twitch, it wouldn’t be a shock to see him defending his position once he makes a return on Monday.