DisguisedToast claims ‘edgy’ jokes have cost him Twitch sponsorships

Disguised Toast streaming on TwitchTwitch: Disguised Toast

Streaming star Jeremy ‘DisguisedToast’ Wang claimed that an edgy joke recently landed him in hot water with a sponsor as they terminated their deal with him. 

As streamers have cultivated massively loyal audiences, they’ve been able to parlay that popularity into sponsorship opportunities. 

Some streamers have gone big, getting their own PC and peripheral sponsors, while others have linked up with food and drink brands. There is a wide range of deals going down for some of the biggest names on Twitch. 

In the case of DisguisedToast, he’s got a handful of sponsors of his own – including those who also work with OfflineTV and the other creators under that umbrella. Though, he claimed that one of the sponsors dumped him over a joke he made on stream. 

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DisguisedToast claims sponsor pulled out over edgy joke

During a recent round of Hearthstone games, the OTV star quizzed his viewers on how ‘edgy’ he could get with the name for his favorite deck in the Blizzard title. 

After explaining his thoughts on that front, he claimed that he’d landed himself in hot water with a sponsor for a similar bout of edginess. “I actually found out the other day that I lost a sponsorship because I made a porn joke,” Toast said. 

“I won’t go into details because I don’t want to lose any more sponsorships but I made a porn joke and one of my sponsors pulled out, as they do.” 

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The Twitch star quickly moved on from the conversation and reverted his focus back to Hearthstone, but that didn’t stop some viewers from trying to figure out who exactly had cut ties with Toast. 

Though some suggested he was playing the long game and making another joke given his reference to a sponsor pulling out. So, who knows where exactly Toast stands with his sponsors.