Did Lalo die? TikTok star Lalo Gone Brazy debunks rumors he was shot

Emma Hill
TikTok star lalogonebrazzy480 with TikTok logo
TikTok: lalogonebrazzy480

TikTok fans were left puzzled after a tweet claiming that creator Lalo Gone Brazy had been “shot in a park” subsequently leaving many to question whether he had ‘died.’ Lalo himself has confirmed he is in fact alive and well.

Born in Mexico, TikToker Lalo Gone Brazy, whose real name is Nalgon, has become a regular face on the platform since he posted his first video in April 2022.

Gaining 867.6k followers on the platform as of writing, the TikTok star has found fame with his fast-paced rapping complete with sound effects and his signature red earphones.

However, fans were devastated after rumors spread online that Lalo had passed away after being “shot” while filming “live.”

lalogonebrazzy480 dancing in TikTok video
TikTok: lalogonebrazzy480
One of Lalo’s most popular videos has pulled in 4.7 million views and helped him get 25.6M likes on the app.

Lalo goes live following shooting rumors

On June 27, news quickly started to spread across the internet that Lalo had ‘died’ after a tweet by ‘keemstarnews’ claimed he had been “shot” while filming.

“A TikToker by the name lalogonebrazzy has been rushed to the hospital after getting shot in a park,” the tweet stated. “He is in the hospital in heavy condition due to 2 bullet wounds my prayers go to him.”

Despite its name, the account is not linked in any way to podcaster and YouTuber Keemstar who is famed for sharing all the latest news about the content-creating world.

The comment sparked condolences among Lalo’s fans. However, many more of his followers were confused by the news given how he had posted a TikTok merely hours before the news, rapping from the seat of his car as normal. Not to mention, there had been no official confirmation from any of Lalo’s official social media accounts.

Lalo then debunked any rumors that he had passed away after he streamed live on the platform on June 28. Although, given how the stream was mainly a black screen, many fans are still in the dark over his current status.

The details surrounding the story are still foggy for fans and whether it is an unfounded rumor. We will provide any updates about Lalo should we get them.