TikToker reveals what happened after MrBeast “stole” her toilet cake design

Dylan Horetski
TikToker MrBeast Cake
TikTok: Sugargeekshow

TikToker Sugargeekshow confirmed it was MrBeast that ‘stole’ her Toilet Cake design after fans speculated it was him following her first viral video about the topic. 

TikToker Liz Marek, who goes by the name sugargeekshow, has gained popularity on the short-form video app for her educational cake-making videos.

Back in May, Liz uploaded a video explaining that she had created a toilet cake for a “very big video” — and that her initial subscription was copied by someone else, and fans immediately began thinking it was MrBeast.

On June 26, she uploaded a video confirming that she was working with MrBeast but has come to a resolution after her video went viral.

Sugargeekshow details interaction with MrBeasts’ team

In her video, she explained a few details about the beginning of her interaction. Showing screenshots of their message, Liz revealed that her proof of concept was accepted and the MrBeast team quickly paid her for the project.

Marek said that the dates of the video filming lined up with another job she was doing, as well as a vacation the TikToker had planned with her daughter. However, the MrBeast team offered to reimburse her for the missed work and would help reschedule her vacation.

“I begin shipping things to their location, hiring people to make molds trying to make it work, and I’m telling them the whole time it’s really expensive,” she explained. “When they got the invoice, though, crickets. So I keep emailing them and finally they [backed out of the deal]”

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She also explained a stipulation that MrBeast’s team had regarding her video: “one of the stipulations of me doing the proof of concept was that they could not use this video in their video and that they couldn’t show the video to other people.

“I found out from someone inside the team that they did show my content to other cakers.”

The TikToker has resolved the incident with MrBeast, explaining in a comment on her video that after a talk with MrBeast following her initial viral video — he reimbursed her for all costs.

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